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Moons: the amazing satellites of our planets

13 November 2012 by Susanne Caro

November 14, 2012
6:00 pm
Dan Reisenfeld
East Faculty Area, Mansfield Library

The Earth’s moon has been an object of scientific investigation for thousands of years.  The Babylonians understood the orbit of the Moon so well they could predict eclipses.  The ancient Greeks used it to determine the size of and distance to the Sun.  In more recent times, scientists have made some truly astonishing discoveries:  the Moon is the result of a tremendous impact between the Earth and another proto-world that occurred in the primordial solar system; the Moon’s gravity helps make the Earth a habitable planet (and I’m not talking about the tides); and, we now know that there is water on the Moon.  But there are other moons in our solar system.

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